RESCU+ is a suite of tools for electronic structure calculations. NanoDCAL+ is a suite of tools for non-equilibrium quantum transport. The software is mostly written in Fortran, parallelized with OpenMP and MPI, and links various mathematical libraries like BLAS and ScaLAPACK. RESCUPy is a Python user interface for RESCU+ and NanoDCAL+. It includes modules to describes atomic structures and modules to perform calculations (e.g. total energy, EOS, dielectric constant).

  • Installation provides instructions on how to build and install NanoDCAL+/RESCU+.

  • Getting Started walks you through a very simple calculation example for RESCU+.

  • API Reference provides detailed documentation for RESCUPy classes.

  • Tutorials contains how-to’s and tutorials for all calculation types and more.

  • Contact will tell you how to reach us.