QTCAD is a finite-element-based simulation platform for quantum technology developed by Nanoacademic Technologies Inc. The main features of QTCAD are:

  • An electrostatics tool that solves the confining potential of quantum dots in semiconductor nanostructures and finds corresponding envelope functions for electrons or holes.

  • A valley-splitting calculation tool.

  • An exact diagonalization tool for the treatment of Coulomb interactions in few-electron systems.

  • A master equation solver for quantum transport calculations in the sequential tunneling regime enabling the treatment of Coulomb blockade and the calculation of charge-stability diagrams.

  • An electric-dipole spin resonance module that interfaces with QuTiP for time-dependent simulations of quantum control.

  • A painless treatment at cryogenic (sub-K) temperatures of several designs of solid-state spin qubits.

  • A user-friendly Python application programming interface (API) to launch simulations.

  • Compatibility with devicegen, an open-source Python API enabling to define gated quantum dot geometries from gate layouts (GDS files).

On this QTCAD documentation website, you will learn how to run a simulation in QTCAD from installation to advanced features. This website is divided into the following pages:

  • Installation provides instructions on how to install QTCAD and its dependencies.

  • License Activation provides instructions on how to obtain your license.

  • Getting Started walks you through a very simple calculation example for QTCAD.

  • Theory explains the fundamental theoretical models that underpin QTCAD.

  • Tutorials contains how-to’s and tutorials for all calculation types and more.

  • Practical Application demonstrates the capabilities of QTCAD in a practical context: the modeling and simulation of a gated quantum dot.

  • API Reference provides detailed documentation for QTCAD modules and classes.

  • Troubleshooting provides troubleshooting for frequent issues (e.g., issues related to installation).

  • Contact Us tells you how to reach us regarding any QTCAD-related comment/question you might have.