qtcad.transport.mastereq module

Functions to simulate transport through a junction consisting of a dot and two leads.

qtcad.transport.mastereq.add_spectrum(jc, chem_pot=0.0, temperature=None)

Gets the charge addition spectrum of the many-body system of a junction at equilibrium.

  • jc (Junction) – The junction object to consider.

  • chem_pot (float, optional) – The chemical potential. Default: 0.

  • temperature (float, optional) – The temperature. Default: None, in which case the junction temperature is used.


float – The response function giving the value of the addition energy spectrum in the electrostatic configuration of the junction.


See the get_add_spectrum method of the many-body Solver class for more details about the charge addition spectrum.


Computes the statistics of a quantum dot out of equlibrium, and the charge current flowing through due to squential tunneling.


jc (Junction object) – the system


tuple – a tuple (Il, Ir, prob) where Il (float) is the current in the left lead, Ir (float) is the current in the right lead, and prob (1d array) is the occupation rate at each quantum dot state


This functions diagonalizes the many-body Hamiltonian of the quantum dot, computes transition rates due to sequential dot-lead tunneling, and solves the associated master-equation.